Electrofusion fittings FOX

FOX FITTINGS sp. z o.o. sp. k. is a family business, established in early 1990's. From the beginning of its existence, the company has been manufacturing plastic elements for PE pipeline systems. Years of experience in the manufacture of electrofusion fittings and consistent sales development efforts have resulted in the steady growth of the company, which currently employs more than 50 employees, and electrofusion, spigot  fittings and PE ball valves with “FOX FITTINGS” logo are used in water-pipe networks and gas pipelines in all over the world. The company's position in the market and the reach of our distribution channels have been recognized by our foreign partners: “NTG PLASTIK” - spigot fittings, “RITMO Spa” butt fusion machines, which chose FOX FITTINGS as their distributor for Eastern European markets. A technical catalogue has been published since 2007, containing a full range of electrofusion and spigot fittings along with the company’s own products - electrofusion fittings, PE/Steel connectors, electrofusion welders, as well as a wide selection of welding accessories.

The number of countries to which our fittings are exported is constantly growing. A slowdown in sales to the Ukraine and Russia in 2008, which previously belonged to the fastest expanding markets from the year 2004, became a chance to initiate cooperation with new foreign partners. The current structure of exports is shown in this map: